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Have you been having plumbing problems in your home and feel like you have exhausted all your options? Johan’s Plumbing Services in Port Elizabeth is here to assist you. Johan’s Plumbing services are plumbers in Port Elizabeth that provides both residential and commercial plumbing services for big or small projects. We have years of experience in the industry, and our team of experts provides you with top-quality service at affordable prices. Whether you need a simple fix or something more extensive, we can help get the job done right. We thrive in excellence to ensure any sorts of plumbing requests are met by our team.

We understand that time is precious, so we work quickly and efficiently to get your repairs done as soon as possible. If you’re in need of plumbing services, contact Johan’s Plumbing today. We’d be happy to help you out.

Our goal is to provide the best services to you and to always deliver on our promise of excellence and friendly affordable plumbing service. We are efficient and transparent from the beginning of the project to the end, making sure to keep you in the loop and that you understand what we are doing. Thank you for considering Johan’s Plumbing as your go-to source for plumbing services and general maintenance. We look forward to helping you with all your needs!

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Johan’s Plumbing Services in Port Elizabeth offer 24 hour services for you. You can call any time and we will respond efficiently to make sure we get the job done. We understand the idea of time being precious for both you and for us, so we always aim to prioritize you to deliver the best service. We solve all your plumbing problem that you have. We communicate from the beginning of a project to the end, keeping you in the loop along the way, keeping you aware of what we are doing to reassure you.

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your geyser malfunctioned? Geysers can malfunction for many reasons. In some cases, the geyser might not be getting enough water from the aquifer. Sometimes, a pipe may break and cause drainage issues. Occasionally, there might be an error in the calculations that control how much water is pumped into or out of the system. And sometimes foreign objects can get stuck in the pipes at either end of a geyser, causing it to stop erupting If the geyser does not erupt for a while, it is probably safe to assume that there is no water flowing through the pipes and that the Geyser must be malfunctioning.

What you should do when your geyser bursts

When your geyser bursts, go to your distribution board, and switch off the geyser. If there is furniture around the geyser, move it so it does not get damaged. Open your hot water taps, this helps to reduce water from the geyser, and it helps relieve pressure from your geyser. Turn off your water supply at the water mains. If there is any excess water that has spilled, you can mop that. Call your plumber as soon as all this has been done and call you insurance company if you are insured.

What’s the reasons for you not having hot water all the time?

You have multiple appliances simultaneously using hot water: Try not to use hot water before you take a shower. If you have simultaneous appliances running at the same time, this leads to hot water running out.

Sediment build-up: naturally, loose sand and rust settle at the bottom of the tank. Sometimes, the sediment takes up a lot of space leaving little room for hot water. You can call professionals to come and drain the water heater and flush out the sediments.

Dip tube that is broken: The cold water in the water heater is caused to move toward the bottom of the tank in for it to be heater by the dip tube. Cold water rises to the top of the tank because it will not be heated properly if the dip tube breaks. Your dip tube is broken when you find small pieces of plastic in your shower head, filter screens of water supplies and strainers.

Water heaters that are old: Appliances have a shelf life. a water heater lasts on average between 8-12 years.

Thermostat issue: Did you know your water heater has a thermostat? When hot water runs out, reset the water thermostat, and if the issue continues, try rising the temperature on the thermostat. If this fails, call your plumber.

Is it possible to prolong the life of your geyser?

If you service your geyser regularly, you can prolong its life span. Every 3-4 years if the quality of water in your area is good. If you have hard water, every 2 years. Servicing your geyser includes but is not limited to draining it, magnesium sacrificial anode element checking, checking the thermostat, replacing the element if need be.

Does switching my geyser on and off help save me money?

You can surely reduce your electricity consumption and water costs if you lower your geysers thermostat temperature and reduce your hot water usage. 50 to 55°C in the summer and 60 to 65°C in the winter should be fine.

What temperature should I set my geyser?

Bacteria can develop in temperatures below 50°C. Your geyser temperature can change based on seasons.

Plumbing services we offer:

We offer plumbing service for all your needs – from fixing a leaky faucet to installing a new water heater. We have the experience and skill needed to get the job done right, and we’re always happy to help answer any questions you may have. Our plumbing services include:

Plumbing Maintenance, Plumbing Installation, Plumbing Construction, Bathroom Renovations, Shower Renovations, Toilet Installation, Toilet Repair, unblocking blocked drains, unblocking toilets, unblocking sinks, unblocking showers, Leak Detection, Camera Drain Inspection, High Pressure Drain Jetting, Geyser Installation, Geyser Repair, Heat Pump Installation, Solar Geyser Installation, Gas Geyser, Installation, Water Meter Installation, Water Tank Installation.

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