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If you’re looking for a reputable emergency plumbing company in Port Elizabeth, then look no further than Johan’s Plumbing Services.

Our experienced emergency plumbers will give you objective advise on the best plumbing options available to you given your unique circumstances. 

You can rest assured that our professional emergency plumbing team will fix your problem in no time at all. 

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Emergency Plumbers in Port Elizabeth

When you must call out an emergency plumber, it means that you’re having a bad day. You need the best emergency plumber Port Elizabeth has ever seen to help you clear up the mess. That’s us! Our response time is like lightning, and our call-out fees are reasonable. We will meet all your emergency plumber needs in a heartbeat. Upon arriving at the scene, we will assess the situation, offering you solutions that will effectively and definitively solve the problem. Before we start working, we will provide you with a fair and transparent quote for approval. No more nasty surprises on our watch!

What necessitates a visit from the emergency plumber, you may ask? The most common plumbing emergencies include blocked drains, burst geysers and leaking pipes. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve got the tools and experience to fix it. We will make your plumbing woes disappear.

Here are a few situations that would have you searching “emergency plumber Port Elizabeth”:

Upon returning from a fantastic holiday, you unlock your front door and step into a puddle. That’s not right! Why is there a puddle in your hallway? Your geyser burst while you were relaxing in the sun. What an unpleasant situation! There’s water everywhere, and you can’t even begin to imagine the damage it caused to your wooden furniture and drywalling.

Emergency Plumbers Near Me

Many times people search for ’emergency plumbers near me’ when they need a plumber like right now. That will be a good time to call Johan’s Plumbing Services to assist you with your plumbing emergency. 

We can’t fix water damages and we can sort out that geyser too. When we’re done, you won’t have to worry about geyser problems for years to come. Our emergency plumber is the best in the business, and we will sort out your plumbing crisis quickly and efficiently.

Or, imagine it’s time for the big game. Your team made it to the final, and all the guys are coming over to watch and cheer. The snacks are ready, the beers are chilled, and the doorbell rings. It’s time! That’s when disaster strikes. You look through the window into the backyard and see a stream of water. That’s, not right? Did someone leave a tap open? You walk outside to check things out and understand that this is not drinking water. It’s sewerage! Gross!

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24 Hour Emergency Plumbers in Port Elizabeth

That’s when your wife yells from inside the house. The toilet is overflowing! Oh no! What a disaster! It would be best if you had an emergency plumber ASAP. Call us. We’ll sort out your drains in no time, efficiently and cost-effectively. We’re not afraid of poop. Let us do the dirty work.

Imagine Christmas time with the entire family. It’s fantastic having all the cousins and grandkids over. The house is packed, and there’s hardly space to move, but that’s fine, because having the family together is priceless. You borrowed an extra fridge from your friend down the road to keep all the food, you packed the pantry, and you wrapped all the presents days before they arrive. As everyone gathers into the living room on Christmas Eve, you notice a wet spot on the ceiling. Surely that’s not right? While the family sings Christmas hymns, you watch in horror as this wet spot grows. Oh no! The geyser sprung an enormous leak! No hot showers for grandma and grandpa! You’re racking your brain to figure out a plan. Do you get your neighbour’s aunt’s second husband to have a look? After all, he used to be an electrician back in the day, so maybe he knows about plumbing, right?

Please don’t do it! Call the best emergency plumber Port Elizabeth area to save the day. We’ll come running with the right tools and high-quality materials to fix up or replace your geyser in two ticks.

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For fast and professional geyser installation service in Port Elizabeth, call Johan’s Plumbing Services today. We install geysers fast so you can get on with your life.