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If you’re looking for a reputable plumbing company to install and repair your geyser, then look no further than Johan’s Plumbing Services. Our experienced geyser repair plumbing specialists will give you objective advise on the best options available to you given your unique circumstances. 

You can rest assured that our professional plumbing team will repair your geyser according to latest legislation. 

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geyser repair done by plumbers in port elizabeth

Geyser Repair in Port Elizabeth

You have a guest house near the beach and December is around the corner. Things are ramping up to peak season – your establishment is fully booked for the entire festive season. You even had to carry in extra beds and mattresses to deal with the demand. How cool is that?

Then, right after you finished cleaning the newest extension to your guesthouse, you notice a wet spot on the ceiling. Uh oh! That’s where the geyser is! That is not good. You have one geyser per four rooms, and your clients demand hot water! It would be good to get a geyser repair plumber ASAP. You’re tempted to call your friend Susan and ask for her son’s number. He just finished school and is quite the handyman. Now that he’s done with matric exams, he has so much free time, so surely, he could do this job for you? It will be much cheaper than getting that expert from the internet. You know, the one who’s name comes up when you search ” geyser repair Port Elizabeth “.

Please don’t do it! The Afrikaans saying goes “goedkoop is duur koop”, and it’s true. When you do something on the cheap, you usually have to redo it again. The second time around, there’s compounded damage, making the geyser repair job take twice as long and cost far more than it would have if you just did it correctly the first time.

We’re the experts in geyser repair Port Elizabeth and surrounds. Call us for a free quote. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our high-quality work. We never use substandard products, and we don’t take shortcuts, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. We boast an expert geyser repair plumber as part of our top-notch team.

Geyser Repair Near Me

If you are looking for geyser repair near me online, then you probably need a expert plumbing company right away. This will be a good time to call Johan’s Plumbing Services. 

Emergency callouts are not a problem for us. When you need us, we will come running, day or night, rain or shine. You also won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for these call-out fees. We won’t sell you a cat in the bag or prey on your emergency – that’s not ethical or honest. For geyser repair jobs, we’re the best in the business, and we’ve seen it all. Large jobs where the geyser burst spectacularly, leaving an enormous amount of water damage in its wake. Small jobs where the geyser is just leaking a little bit and needs a quick patch. That, and everything in between.

Perhaps your geyser is not heating your water anymore. Call the best geyser repair plumber in the business to check it out. There are generally two causes for this type of geyser repair job: a faulty thermostat or scale build-up on the heating element. We can fix either of these situation, easy peasy.

The procedure followed to repair a faulty heating element would depend on the geyser brand and model. Often, fixing the wiring is enough, although the heating element must be replaced entirely in some cases.

Descaling a geyser heating element is also a simple job for trained experts. Our plumber in Port Elizabeth use specialised cleaning chemicals that will not cause any damage to your geyser or plumbing system. These chemicals should never be used without expert supervision. Using the wrong concentration is entirely ineffective if the level is too low. On the other hand, if the level is too high, it can cause damage to the geyser and attached plumbing pipes. A high concentration of these chemicals is potentially dangerous to human and animal life as well, which is why trained professionals should only use it.

By visiting our website, you’ve found the best geyser repair plumber in the area. Call us today. We will put an end to all your geyser repair woes. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Johan's Plumbing Services Is The Best Rated Geyser Repair Company in the Port Elizabeth Area

Best Rated Geyser Repair Company in Port Elizabeth

For fast and professional geyser repair service in Port Elizabeth, call Johan’s Plumbing Services today. We repair your geyser fast so you can get on with your life.