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If you’re looking for a reputable plumbing company to install and repair your solar geyser, then look no further than Johan’s Plumbing Services. Our experienced solar geyser installation plumbing specialists will give you objective advise on the best options available to you given your unique circumstances. 

You can rest assured that our professional plumbing team will install your solar geyser according to latest legislation. 

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Solar Geyser Installation in Port Elizabeth

Going off the grid is a popular alternative to using unreliable electricity sources. In our country, power generation is coal-based and thus not good for the environment.

The simplest way to start the “off the grid” journey is to opt for solar geyser installation. Here, you rely entirely on solar power for your hot water needs. If you have a small family that doesn’t need an ample supply of hot water early in the morning, this option is ideal for you.

solar geyser installation tends to have a lower capacity for delivering hot water than the electrical or gas alternatives. This decreased capacity is due to the working of the geyser – a more abundant reservoir is not practical. Why so, you ask?

A solar geyser installation consists of two parts: tubing and a reservoir. The pipe is usually black and of a material that conducts heat to the water in the tubes efficiently. The black colour allows more heat to be conducted into the content than if the pipes had been white or any other colour. When sunlight hits the tubing, these tubes are heated up. This heat is transferred to the water flowing through the pipes. From the pipes, the heated water enters the reservoir where it lies until a hot water tap opens.

As any solar geyser plumber will readily tell you, there are some limitations to a solar geyser installation:

Capacity. A solar geyser installation has a lower ability for delivering hot water than the alternatives. The reservoir must be small enough to maintain the temperature of the heated water inside. If this reservoir is too large, the water will never reach and maintain the desired temperature.

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Timing. It would be best if you timed your hot water demand to be mostly at the end of the day. Here, the water inside the reservoir has had the whole day to heat up. Now, you can have a hot shower without fearing that you will run out of hot water halfway through. The reservoir of the solar geyser installation cools down overnight, meaning that a hot shower in the morning is not guaranteed.

Environmental factors. A solar geyser requires ample sunlight to work correctly. On a hot day with full sun, you will have boiling hot water in your geyser. If the following night is moderate in temperature, you will still have sweet, hot water early in the morning. On a wet, rainy day, there is no sunlight, and the outside temperature is also cold. Although solar geysers are designed to make the most of any available heat, the water may not heat up to the desired temperature. If a crisp, wet night follows, you will not have hot water available the next morning. Your solar geyser should also be installed on the right side of the roof, maximising the sunlight that reaches it.

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Solar Geyser Installation Company in Port Elizabeth

Solar geysers also have a host of benefits. The chief benefit you will find is the low cost. Although the initial solar geyser installation could be costly, the running costs are virtually zero. You will have no electricity costs, while maintenance on solar geysers is minimal. There are no wires or moving parts that could malfunction and, when installed correctly by an experienced solar geyser plumber, there will be no leaks.

If you want the benefits of a solar geyser but the convenience of around-the-clock hot water, you could also take the dual option of combining solar with gas. Ask the best solar geyser plumber in the area (that’s us) for more information and a free quote. When you search “solar geyser Port Elizabeth”, you will find that our customers highly recommend us. They will tell you that we do quality work. We don’t see our clients often, since we don’t have comebacks on our work. When you do it right the first time, you only go back for new installations when your customers expand their homes.

Best Rated Solar Geyser Installation Company in Port Elizabeth

For fast and professional solar geyser installation service in Port Elizabeth, call Johan’s Plumbing Services today. We install solar geysers fast so you can get on with your life.