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Water Tank Installation

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Water Tank Installation Port Elizabeth

If you’re aiming to buy a water tank, the first concern you’re most likely asking yourself is: which water tank should I purchase?

Because each setup is different, your needed water tank and size will differ depending on the water source, the wanted application, the amount of offered space and, obviously, your personal preference. Let’s take a look at your water source and planned use, and then from there, you can decide on other water tank installation options.

Fully integrated system

Think about how much local water you would like offered and then add the amount you would like to collect in rainwater. Once you’ve selected your water tank, you will need to install it.

Local backup

Think about just how much water you require daily (this will vary based upon what the water is utilized for) and the period you would like the backup water to last. Usually, we utilize 150 litres of water per person per day in SA. A 2500-litre tank needs to supply a household of 4 people roughly four days of local water backup. Attempt, however, to install as much capability as you have space for and can pay for.

Rainwater harvesting

Think about the rainfall in your location, your roofing size and what the water will be used for. A quick computation to utilize: 1mm of rain on 1 square meter of roof surface area amounts to 1 litre of water.

Ensure that your tank is set up on a suitable base.

Level paving will be sufficient, or a correctly designed tank stand. Regardless of the type of structure you choose, it needs to always be a minimum of 100mm wider than the diameter of the tank to avoid overhang.

Only use plastic fittings and connections.

The material utilized to make water tanks allows for the growth and contraction in hotter and cooler weather. It is essential that all fittings and connections are flexible and can move with the tank.

Ensure that you utilize thread tape for all fittings and connections.

This is something that is often neglected and is a vital part of the preliminary setup. To avoid unneeded leakages, we constantly encourage utilizing thread tape for all connections where water is involved, even if you are just fitting a tap to a currently fitted water fitting or reducer.

Do not apply any pressure to the tank.

An above-ground water tank is not created to manage any extra pressure. Prevent putting pressure on the roofing system of the tank throughout setup or as part of the installation (for instance, downpipes resting on top of the roofing system of the tank) as this will cause the roof of the tank to dent or collapse.

Do not use unsupported connections.

When linking pipelines, rain gutters, and so on to a tank, it is essential that they are supported to prevent placing the tank under stress.

If the tank will be utilized for rainwater harvesting, make sure that you set up pre-filtration.

Pre-filtration improves the quality of the water entering into the tank. This is essential as a great deal of dirt, dust, leaves, branches, etc build up on your roof and this can cause the water to smell and likewise blocks pumps and so on.

If the tank will be used for local backup, make sure that you utilize an expert water tank installer or recognized plumbing professional to help with the installation.

This system ties into the primary supply of water line and there are particular plumbing laws that need to be followed.

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